About Us

Who We Are

We Are EGY Minerals for Minerals and Quarries Materials a Registered Company With Ministry Of Trade And Industry Under Chamber Of Commerce .

The Company was Founded in 2009 as Individual Corporation owned By Mr. Ahmed kheder. we work in Exploring And Grading All Types Of Quartz Silica Sand Either Raw Material Or Graded In Different Sizes Either In mm Or According To Astm Mesh Numbers,

We use the highest international standards for shipping and packing to provide excellence and to insure that our products reach our clients in the best possible condition. Wooden Crates: We use fine quality of wood for making crates. Impact Protection: We use different impact resistant materials to protect the product such as Thermocol & Foam. Iron Strips: To increase the strength we use iron strips. Plastic: We provide plastic sheet packing for the material inside as well as over the crate outside. Covering provides more protection against Water & Moisture. Box Strapping: We use plastic straps to strengthen the packing.

What We Do

  • Silica Sand
  • Quartz
  • Limestone
  • Minerals Materials

Resions to You Choose us

We Care about high quality levels by abiding to the international standards. In this respect, this will stand for a best promotion to the products of Egypt besides the achievements of the project reflected in economic returns that support the national income by means of providing the foreign currency to it.
Our vision
The good investment of the wealth that Egypt is blessed and rich with. Such are: metals and raw materials like silica sand , phosphate rock, Quartz, Limestone , Dolomite , iron oxide , Kaolin , Talc ,gypsum , Feldspar ,Fluorite (Calcium Fluoride) , Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone, Filtration sand ,ilmenite , Surface ,Quartz lumps, potassium Feldspar, Talc lump, Talc powder. make us have the ability of produce high quality and make our market more bigger
Our Target
To keep in quality, the company has its own lab to check each ton to make sure it meets the customer specification. Our Manpower Are So Skilled And Well Trained, We Normally Consider Long Term Business Plan With Our Clients To Keep Our Goods Quality And Economic Prices
We offers you a great chance and the maximum facilities to import the best Egyptian mining materials in affordable prices and full guarantee of the materials quality and that is only from the leading Egyptian mining company
Good Quality And Economic Prices From egypt to Over the world